Power of Radio & Digital


At The Edge Media Group we work hard every day to inform and entertain our communities with passion and integrity. While our roots are heavy in radio, we understand that people like to get their information in a variety of ways. And, many of those ways are what we refer to as digital. Our company is proud to connect the communities we reach with content they can fully depend on through our radio stations, websites, email and much more. This also allows our advertisers some of the best avenues to target the customers they want to reach, too!

Don’t get us wrong, we know a stand-alone radio campaign is extremely effective. A recent study in 2017 by the Radio Advertising Bureau showed a direct correlation with well-produced radio ads to an increase in google search of that business, by 29%! But we also know the power of radio and digital advertising with unified messaging, can reap massive results! With carefully crafted creative, we will help you stay top-of-mind with a customized radio campaign, and then reinforce that same message across any of our digital platforms. Many of those platforms can link straight to your business website or social media page, all with the end goal of increasing your ROI. As we like to say, radio tells and digital engages.

Whether you choose radio, digital or a dynamic combination of both, we are a well-established and trusted media brand that is focused on results, for you!